Empowering leaders and teams 

Enhancing collective intelligence

Inspiring and Leading teams

Our core mission is boosting potential, passion and performance
in leaders, teams and organizations

We aim to be a leading thinking partner for global organizations willing to invest in their people. Our methods, coaching and facilitation approaches are aimed at releasing full potential by opening new possibilities, co-creating innovative solutions and generating outstanding results for leaders, teams and organizations.

International Milestones

Our approach

  • Out of the box methods, tailor-made scenarios
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Highly experiential and behaviour-oriented
  • Cognitive, Emotional and Somatic dimensions
  • Generating conscious choice and accountability
  • Solution-focused, pragmatic
  • Collaborative learning methodology
  • Creativity tools, fun activities
  • Simulations, customized roleplay and cases

Our team 

A hand-picked team of high level international coaches led by Andra Morosi, International Milestones founder, inspired by the desire to spread more openness, curiosity and collaboration in the global corporate world. 

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Our associate coach team

Success stories



« Inspiring, Professional, Trustworthy, Innovative, Breeze of fresh air, Energising » are qualifiers used by our clients about our work, that we take great pride in.
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Client references

We develop sustainable partnerships with our clients and provide, co-create and implement systemic, tailor-made solutions for enhanced global collaboration.

About International Milestones

In our role as professional coaches we hold a strong commitment to high ethical standards by signing and respecting the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics below.
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We strongly believe in the power of generative collaboration – this is what we do with our clients and partners alike, promoting mutual trust as well as joint efforts in research and innovation.
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We define ourselves as thinking partners and transformation architects, co-designing with our clients innovative solutions then bringing them to life through inspiring transformation programs, workshops and seminars.
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Supporting you on the journey for enhanced individual and collective performance by leveraging human potential, authentic leadership, talent synergies and cultural diversity.
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Boosting potential, passion and performance in leaders and teams!