Andra Morosi

Founder & Executive coach


I created International Milestones in 2009 after over 15 years spent in management consulting, training and coaching organisations, inspired by the desire to spread more openness, curiosity and collaboration in the global corporate world.

A people’s person and global nomad, international consultant and coach, I am often described by clients and team members as a powerful change catalyst, a collective performance booster and « infectious smiler ».

Collaboration, trust and positivity are at the heart of my approach and I promote these same values within our team and in all our client projects.

  • Professional Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation
  • Accredited Coach Supervisor credentialed by the Coaching Supervision Academy, UK
  • Co-active Coach trained and credentialed by CTI France
  • ORSC Systems Coach trained by CRR Global – Forsc
  • NLP coach accredited by Robert Dilts NLPU Santa Cruz, USA
  • NLP Master Practitioner trained and credentialed by Ian MacDermott, ITS London, UK
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Executive Coach credentialed in London, UK
  • Professional Co-Development Facilitator – credentialed by Activision Institute, France
  • Certified in TMS, ESCI Emotional and Social Competencies Inventory, Hay Group, The International Profiler, The International Team Trust Indicator, Worldwork, VPA Virtual Performance Assessment, Intercultures.

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Global nomad through her upbringing and her origins, having changed countires, cultures and languages several times during her teenage and student years, Andra has developed a sense of curiosity as well as a cultural and behavioral flexibility that enable her to adapt to a wide variety of environments and contexts.

After starting off as a linguist through her initial studies in New Zealand where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts’ degree in French Language and International Relations Andra Morosi discovers France and the French corporate environment through various training assignments for executives working for French subsidiaries of multinational groups. In parallel she starts teaching intercultural communication courses for several business schools in Paris; both experiences reveal interesting insights into adult learning processes. Moreover, while completing a graduate degree in conference interpreting she consolidates her views about learning systems as well as the art of being open and present for others.

Her entrepreneurial and innovative spirit lead Andra to setting up her first consulting and training agency in partnership with an experienced international management consultant – « my hands-on MBA » as she calls this exciting five year-period that enable her to explore consulting and project engineering proposals for large international groups like Valeo and Siemens Automotive, negotiations with Purchasing Departments, Training design programs in partnership with corporate HR, managing a team of six consultants, financial analysis or business development.

Andra then joins the team of a Paris-based consulting firm as an international consultant where she works for 7 years – a very intense and rich experience where she broadens her scope of work in areas like leadership and relationship intelligence, influencing skills, cross-functional management and effective negotiating. She pursues her personal development in new areas and gets formal training as a Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programing with Ian MacDermott, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier.   Her coach training comforts her in her posture adopted even prior to this experience, while reinforcing her deep beliefs about human potential, change management and adult learning.

She follows her vision by setting up International Milestones, where she teams up with other international coaching and consulting professionals sharing similar values, bringing systemic solutions and answers to complex issues for global organizations (see Networks and Partners).

An expert in seminar design and facilitation in areas such as global leadership, management, relationship intelligence and soft skills as well as diversity management,   Andra aims at stimulating emergent knowledge and enhanced potential while creating strong impact in the programs she coordinates or leads. She is accompanied by a dedicated team of like-minded international professionals for wide-scale international project roll-out.

Having worked in New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and France and extensively traveled through Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America and Austral-Asia, Andra perceives traveling like a vital need rather than a leisure activity. Holding a triple nationality (Romanian, New Zealand and French) and firm believer in the « world citizen » formula, she lives in Paris and works internationally.