Supervision and Mentoring

« Polishing the mirror » or “tuning your instrument”, coaching supervision is a formal process of professional support which ensures the continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of their coaching practice through interactive reflection, interpretive evaluation and sharing of expertise”
(Bachkirova, Stevens and Willis, 2005).


It ensures that the coaching delivered is professional and ethical. Supervision provides a confidential space to discuss ethical concerns such as conflicts of interest, or where the coach feels the quality of the coaching is being compromised by power dynamics with the coaching setting. Many of these issues are highly complex and are without a black or white solution.


Supervision provides a space for feedback and direction to develop coaches further. Coaching cases are reviewed in detail. Supervision assists the coach in becoming more aware of the effects of the self within the coaching relationship and a part of the system that the coach has now become a part of. Supervision creates a space to discuss the coach’s interventions with the client and develops a more systemic view of the coaching engagement to improve coaching outcomes.


By listening and supporting coaches to support growth. This is also extremely important as many coaches work with clients who have suffered trauma. Having a safe, confidential space to unpack this is critical in preventing coach burn out. Coaching supervision is also a space to support coaches wellbeing and discuss the important issues of self-care, with the aim of being “fit for purpose”.

Our services

Individual Supervision

A pack of 6 or 10 online sessions over a period of 6 months or a year.

Key Focus:
Reinforcing one’s professional identity and stance as a coach, deepening one’s position and skills through case-based reflective practice. Widening one’s reference framework, exploring new perspectives and enriching one’s range. Feeling resourced and venting difficult emotional states or developing and diversifying one’s activity.

Individual Mentoring / Supervision

A pack of 10 online sessions over a period of 3 – 6 months for preparing one’s credentialing process for ICF credentialing or renewal.

Key Focus:
Reinforcing one’s professional identity and stance as a coach, reviewing the mastery of the 11 ICF Core Competencies and getting ready for submitting ones’s credential file. Receiving feedback and feedforward about one’s coaching practice based on recorded sessions, getting useful tips and understanding potential traps to avoid in the credentialing process.

Group Supervision

A pack of 6 collective sessions  for a group of 4-5 coaches, online or F2F outdoors, in nature.

Key Focus:
Reinforcing one’s professional identity and stance as a coach, reflective practice by using systemic dynamics and group as a mirror, enriching one’s practice by using feedback and feedforward from Supervisor and peers. The outdoors experience allows a true connection and dialogue with Nature as partner and container for group interactions, quantum flirts and insightful modeling.


“Working with Andra as my supervisor was like a huge dose of adrenaline. I felt supported and championed which was really rewarding.
I have found some essence in my work and thanks to Andra’s powerful bottom lining and reframing my coaching work obtained a kind of quintessence!”

Y.T., Supervision client 2019

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