International development

Enhanced awareness of cultural values and preferences is crucial for global leaders and their teams in order to develop behavioural flexibility and adaptation and avoid misunderstandings, interpretations and cultural pitfalls.


How can we help

  • Multicultural teambuilding design and facilitation
  • Experiential workshops fostering cultural awareness
  • Working better together as an international team
  • Enhanced trust and collaboration workshops
  • Group coaching – Creating Remote Xcultural Connections
  • Global Leadership coaching
  • Expat coaching for leaders and their families
  • Effective global transitions
  • Onboarding as GM of a new country BU / subsidiary

The International Profiler – a tool for global leadership development that helps facilitate international business relationships. It helps anybody working with partners from other cultures to build effective international links, taking into account their particular role and context.

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The emphasis is on personal development and raising cultural awareness. The feedback report enables an individual to plan and implement a practical development plan to become more effective at working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Key Features

  • A web based psychometric questionnaire and feedback process
  • Develops an individual’s ability to operate effectively in unfamiliar cultutural contexts
  • Based on the International Competency Framework which is derived from extensive multicultural research and practical experience of international managers
  • Measures the emphasis and energy an individual gives to 10 competencies, with 22 associated skills, attitudes and knowledge areas

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