Our expertise

We define ourselves as thinking partners and transformation architects, co-designing with our clients innovative solutions then bringing them to life, implementing new vision into action, supporting leaders and their teams through individual and team coaching, facilitating high impact workshops and corporate seminars.


  • Transformation initiatives
  • Corporate culture reinforcement
  • Vision into action
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Strategic talent development
  • Project design and engineering
  • Assessment & Development Center

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  • Generative collaboration
  • Collective intelligence
  • Managing transitions
  • Soft Skills for hard environments
  • Overcoming tension and conflict
  • Multicultural Teambuilding
  • Virtual team performance

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  • Leadership Development
  • Managerial skills reinforcement
  • International career coaching
  • Onboarding and Outplacement
  • Expatriation support
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Impact & Influence

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Our approach

Our approach combines a variety of inspirations ranging from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Systems Theory, Process Work, Systemic constellations, Appreciative Inquiry, Clean Language, Narrative practice and storytelling, Metaphor and Symbolic Modelling, Creativity techniques as well as Emotional and Relationship Intelligence, Neuro-science tools and Leadership theory. In our group facilitation we use interactive methods blending collaborative practices like world café, circle, open space technology, co-development and group coaching to suit each specific context or client.