Group coaching

Our approach to traditional training

We have experienced in recent years a real transition from Training to Learning. Skills development is learner – centric and aims at developing a « growth mindset », through experiential learning, challenge, feedback, practice, effort and perseverence.

When consulted for traditional « trainings » we respond with tailor made programs with a group coaching approach. Our philosophy is grounded on the firm belief that adult learning happens naturally when interest, curiosity and pleasure are aroused. Collaborative, social learning are key which is why we place great focus on creating atmosphere and a hospitable space for interaction, encouraging everyone’s contribution in small groups, connecting diverse perspectives, sharing collective discoveries thus anchoring the learning. The main features of our approach:

  • co-active
  • experiential 
  • multi-sensorial
  • facilitative
  • creative
  • inductive approach
  • collaborative
  • grounded on princples of Accelerated Learning
  • use of a wide variety of  tools
  • dynamic and movement oriented
  • customized content to match corporate & professional cultures



International Milestones designs and implements customised programs and group coaching projects that meet the specific needs of its clients around 7 main areas of expertise :

  • Leadership, impact and influence
  • Multicultural management & communication
  • Emotional and relationship intelligence                    
  • Coaching skills for business leaders
  • Effective communication for business
  • Interactive facilitation skills
  • Soft skills for hard environments

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